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Somebody shut these people down. The only reason I signed up for this site is because it was 'officially' reviewed by some dating review websites. Turns out these sites were paid off by xpress. Got a 3 month membership as a result and heavily regret it. All, and I repeat, ALL the 'women' on this site are either: Overall if you don't want to waste endless hours of your time and a good chunk of money, do not sign up for this site.

You will learn a lesson or two about capitalism and how it corrupts people to the greatest extent. You can't upload photos to your profile the same you do with all other online dating services. Can't upload JPG photos from computer. Every other online dating service this is no problem. I received about ten notices of very attractive women interested in sex who "viewed my profile" This was followed by at least 6 that wanted to allegedly meet me. When I responded in the affirmative, not one Look in the mirror and talk to a fool The girls are fake and the site just keeps going to upgrade page once you subscribe.

Once you subscribe you even stop getting the fake girls writing you. I agree this site has no real women, they all are fake. The replies that you get from the so called women are short brief and usually are further questions, of sometimes repeats what you previously answered. These have to be bots, or hired office workers taking on the replies to as if they are these women. I give this site a thumbs down a total scam RIP Off. I received lots of messages before I paid then they became a trickle.

No one answers a direct question all you get are short generic replys. Do they have a programme that pick out key words in messages and then generates a reply? No woman seems able to meet for one reason or another, I think this is a tactic to keep you hanging on and then paying more. Title of your review: Would you recommend XPress. Send me an email when somebody writes another review about this website. Send me an email when somebody responds to my review. Most ladies refused to chat via webcam; they d All these women are trying to scam people out of money.

They will talk to you for a couple of days and then they will start asking you for money. Does any real profiles exist at tendersingles. Out of the five hundred, we got twelve answers. All real women, granted, so Flirt.


And out of those twelve, none replied to our second message. Compare that to our top sites, where we had hundreds of responses and set up a dozen or more dates. Who puts black text on a dark grey background?

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The answer, evidently, is Flirt. Their front page is dark grey patterned with male and female symbols in a slightly lighter grey; the text for their form is black, and links are in a bright blue that looks blurred with the contrast. They clearly know how to change the font color, since the site description at the bottom at the bottom is in a light grey that shows up much better. They also have a serious userbase problem. We got matched with so few that we had to keep expanding our parameters so we could have enough to fairly judge the site.

The fact that, out of the five hundred we contacted, we got twelve replies speaks volumes about the site. If every one of the twelve replies we received had resulted in setting up a date, we would recommend it in a heartbeat. In comparison with other adult dating sites, this one is quite popular. The site has many members and it seems there are a lot of members raising complaints against the site. I came across a review for this site and I was curious why the author was really negative about Flirt.

When I checked the site, I found out that this is a scam site. You should forget and avoid this site at all costs. There are too many questionable profiles in this site and thegirls are like escorts. Some men also pretended to be women in this site. I wanted to unsubscribe with the site but instead they gave me a telephone number for customer support.

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No one answers the calls I made to this number. As an online dating site, I think Flirt. This site does not deserve to have members as it only lie and scam the paying members of the site. What I can say though is this site is not a good dating site.

Flirt.com Issues: 3 Things Flirt.com Didn’t Do Well

I think I should choose other similar sites. This site really deserves all the negative reviews it is receiving. I hope there is a way to close down scam sites.

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The girls in this site, in comparison with other sites are all professionals. They are professional scammers and escorts. This site is definitely a scam site. My experience on Flirt. I have not made a profile yet and there are already girls sending winks and messages of adoration.

This is definitely a legit site. However, there are things in this site that are really dubious. There are many fake profiles and there are cam girls that will lead you to another pay site.

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Negative dating reviews for Flirt. As a single-parent that dates or is perhaps looking to get back into the dating scene, things that come to mind are romance, fun, and adventure.

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Dating should be taken seriously, of course, but you must mix in plenty of exploration and remember to always have fun. Leaving your children out of the lime-light at the beginning of a budding relationship is never a bad idea in the first place. Right to bring that relationship to the family table anyways. Before signing up I was a little skeptical, thinking that maybe the website would be a little bit oversaturated with too many men exclusively looking for sex and hookups.

But the name of the site speaks for itself pretty well. I found it certainly appropriate once checking out what members were like on the website. As a single-parent who is looking for mature dating, yet to date with openness to casual sex before finding the perfect Match. The site includes many great features that help you get to know other membership openly and quickly.